Adventure Journal Jun 03 2020

"It’s truly a lifetime of self-censorship that people of colour have to live. The options are: speak your truth and face the reprisals, or bite your tongue and get ahead in life. It must be a strange life, always having permission to speak and feeling indignant when you’re finally asked to listen. It stems from white people’s never-questioned entitlement, I suppose." This is Reni Edo-Lodge. I am reading her book, "Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race. I will admit the title put me off at first but as I read I can see there is no better title for her words. I don't consider myself ignorant of racism, I have read and researched (that's what we History majors do), but you never know what you don't know until you stop and listen. I admire Reni's frankness and her ability to convey how difficult it is to speak to white people about racism. I am learning more about what I didn't know. Everyone should read her book and take a good hard look at what we don't know. You can start now. This is where we can start. #startnow #iamlistening #livesmatter

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