Adventure Journal Jul 06 2020

"Everyone needs access to clean, quiet and safe natural refuges in a city. Short exposures to nature can make us less aggressive, more creative, more civic minded and healthier overall. For warding off depression, lets go with the Finnish recommendation of five hours a month in nature, minimum. But as the poets, neuroscientists and river runners have shown us, we also at times need longer, deeper immersions into wild spaces to recover from severe distress, to imagine our futures and to be our best civilized selves." - Florence Williams, The Nature Fix #adventure4women #a4w #naturefix #itstimeforadventure #naturecanheal #getoutside

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'Melissa Petersen'

I was getting ready to order 6 hats for my hiking group and saw that the hats are sold out. 😢 I saw That there are a limited edition but thought I would check to see if by chance you will be getting more?


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