• Backpacking is always better with a friend. BOGO until March 1st.

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Backpacking is always better with a friend. BOGO until March 1st.

Adventure is Back!

Time to get back to the basics, back to nature.

"I found much needed connections with AMAZING women, the empowerment to push past physical barriers in challenges, and enthusiasm to create more future adventures.  Truly amazing!

Ramie - Richland, wA

Above and beyond what I expected.  So many wonderful surprises and the staff was spectacular and inspiring!

Kelly - Arlington, WA

Adventures created for women, by women.

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"I don’t know how many times I’ve said ‘I used to do this or I used to do that, or when the kids are older I’d love to do that.’ This was an opportunity to get back into what I love and try the things I’d always thought would have to wait for ‘someday’. "

Jesica - Marysville, WA

Amazing, terrific, perfect! Can't say enough good things about this retreat and the ladies that run it. They've stayed true to their vision and the resulting experience is a testimony to their loyalty to women, empowerment, nature and love of "others.Great experience!"

Diana - Woodlands, TX

It was amazing. Women trying hard things, making new friends, learning new skills, learning to love people we barely met, learning to let go of expectations, learning to trust others/equipment and not be Wonder Woman, learning to accept our limitations and still feel our worth is great.  It was worth the drive to Washington."

Ily - Cottonwood Heights, UT

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